1. Assignment

BitcoinClassicTeam no longer has the capacity to take over and sustained the project so BitcoinClassicTeam decided to look for individuals or organizations with the ability to hand over the project, helping the project to continue to be developed. [Go to "Decision" section]

2. Reason:

1. The BitcoinClassic project was unable to continue and development costs continued to rise, team members do not have enough living expenses to cover their lives when Coronavirus covid-19 is "going strong". and everyone lost their primary job.

2. POW is no longer a good protocol. All major chains are hacked during testing. It takes a powerful apparatus like Bitcoin to repel a 51% attack. Even BitcoinGold or Ethereum Classic revamp has been encountered and Ethereum has started switching to POS with Ethereum 2.0. This is too serious and it has the potential to ruin everything.

3. The coin fork of Bitcoin is no longer useful, big coins hardforked from Bitcoin are no longer interested and it is dying. Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Lightning Bitcoin, .. Even Bitcoin Cash is dying. So there is no room for the name Bitcoin Classic.

4. Other Factors: Large institutions have recovered their capital for various reasons. Finexbox was lost 1,000,000 BXC(from IEO). Finexbox refused responsibility for BitcoinClassic to compensate, website attacks and scams from Telegram management causing the project fell into a state of failure to sustained.

3. Decision:

1. BitcoinClassic is looking for a new operator for the project. Eligible individual or organization to continue to develop the project. All product of BitcoinClassic will be transferred to the new operator of the project.


Please send email to:
Time: September 20, 2020.

2. After September 20, 2020, if the new project manager is not found, BitcoinClassic turns rebranded and converted to finance(self-developed DeFi) with Ethereum-based ERC20 token.

Thank you to the community for supporting and accompanying the project during its formation. The holderhas the right to sell or hold BitcoinClassic to swap if (1) of "Decision" does not take place.

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