Now! Bitcoin Classic is being moved to the new Chain.


Based on BXC allocations until July 1, 2020. More than 1300+ investors and 20 partners participated in the Bitcoin Classic project. Moreover, the Bitcoin Classic project has completed the free distribution of BXC to the community through airdrop and bounty campaigns. From September 17, 2019 to July 20, 2020. 

Preparing for the swap, the figures have been finalized.(All BXC of investors are unlocked)(except for the final campaign which will end on July 20, 2020(1)).

Airdrop, bounty: 3 716 594 BXC

Marketing & listing: 1 006 190 BXC

Investor: 6 302 488 BXC

Total supply is 11 025 272 BXC

Ratio & Price

Swaps help reduce supply, inflate and activate platform features. Swap will take place at a certain rate.

Ratio: 20:1, 20 old BXC will equal 1 new BXC.

Prices will be reset on exchanges that support Swap. The BXC value you are holding will not change.


  1. Ratio: If currently your holding 1000 BXC, after the swap with 20:1 you will receive 50 BXC.

  2. Price: At the time of swap, if the price of BXC is $0.03. After the swap is complete, the new price will be $0.03 * 20 = $0.6 per BXC. The order books will be reset from the beginning.

With 20:1 new supply is 11,025,272 / 20 = 551,263.6 BXC

Swap time

The average block reward is 10 BXC per block(2)(3). To reach 551,263.6 BXC the required number of blocks will be 55127 Blocks.

Check out the current block hereEstimated Swap time is November 28, 2020(4)

Swap guide

Swap will be done automatically by exchanges. You need to keep BXC on exchanges that support Swap.Swap guide and exchanges support will be updated soon. Stay tuned for it here.


After the swap is complete, BXC will be listed on mining pools including the source code of Bitcoin Classic is public and available to miners.

(1): The amount of BXC from the last "Free BXC" campaign has not ended. the amount BXC will be updated before the swap takes place.

(2): Check out the algorithm information here.

(3): Check controlled supply here.

(4): This is only a prediction, each block mined may be earlier or later than expected.

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